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"We gather in ether and store things in clouds. Unhinged, we are spiraling towards something new. “- Robert Arpin


PARLOUR™ founder and artist Robert Arpin obscures the boundaries between furniture and art with work that challenges the orthodoxies of modernism. Exhausted by the professional nightlife of early 90's New York and overcome by an urge to nest, Mr. Arpin enrolls in the Interior Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1994. Throughout the 90’s he works with architect Robert Rossi for clients such as the Smithsonian Institution, Zimmerman AIA and restaurateur Marvin Paige.

An accomplished draftsman becomes self-taught digital artist as the turn of the millennium forces a move from the drafting table to the laptop. Raised on cliffs overlooking Lake Champlain a hard-wired environmentalist dedicated to sustainability, the release of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper on Bitcoin in 2010 is inspiration to seed the decentralized manufacturing platform of the future. Digital replication portends the collapse of manufacturing as we know it. Blockchain based proprietary digital templates accessed using transparent smart contracts can monitor the execution of simply designed production protocols. These easy to replicate systems are the idealogical foundation of his work - his mission to create a bridge between the modern era of centralized production with its isolated systems and the fast approaching world of globally connected local networks.

In the spring of 2016 he launched PARLOUR™ at Spin Ceramics on Crosby Street in SoHo. His work was featured in Interior Design magazine's 2016 fall market tabloid. After having won a two year battle with Lyme disease and with a steely determination to win one for the planet, this year marks the release of over 25 years of accumulated work that can be built anywhere using local talent and materials. Sustainable luxury. Ready to assemble.